Hellwrath's WoW Characters (2016!)

Currently have 6 level 100s on Draenor EU, hoping to make it 8! Levelling an elemental shaman and a destruction warlock through Outland at the moment. Having fun maxing out professions, farming gold and transmog gear, doing Apexis dailies, getting Baleful gear and running old raids with my 100s, also getting the shipyards and salvage yards on those characters. A very quiet time in WoW on Draenor, my guild has pretty much gone their separate ways, but enjoying the peace and quiet and chilled levelling. Looking forward to Legion also, definitely want to play a demon hunter!

Draenor (EU)

HéllwrathAlliance100RogueCombatHumanMining (700)Engineering (700)452671
HellwratharAlliance100MageFrostHumanEnchanting (694)Tailoring (700)843660
- - - -Alliance100HunterMarksmanshipHumanLeatherworking (623)Skinning (700)1170649
HellwrathianAlliance100PaladinRetributionHumanMining (700)Jewelcrafting (700)459671
HellwrathiusAlliance100WarriorFuryHumanMining (700)Blacksmithing (700)156661
HellwrathiumAlliance100PriestShadowNight ElfHerbalism (700)Inscription (637)84592
HellwrathaxAlliance58WarlockDestructionHumanHerbalism (300)Alchemy (240)066
HellwrathurAlliance62ShamanElementalDwarfMining (73)Skinning (214)083
HellwrathiteHorde70PaladinProtectionBlood ElfMining (319)Skinning (375)283112

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